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Citizen Aid Event Medical Support

Citizen Aid and Event Medical Support

Event Medical Support





RTC Medical Solutions provides Event Medical Support as a CQC Registered Ambulance Service.

As a provider of Event Medical Support we recommend that all event staff are made aware of the citizenAID App and website. CitizenAID is a UK registered charity with a focused mission to prepare individuals, communities and organisations to help themselves and each other when there are multiple casualties, particularly from deliberate attacks.

CitizenAID recognise that this system is fully transferable to any situation where there are multiple casualties.

Why do we need citizenAID ?

Many know what to do when someone collapses with a heart attack. But being able to act effectively after a deliberate attack requires different knowledge and skills.  In the minutes following an attack, before emergency services arrive, simple actions like opening an airway or stopping bleeding are vital in saving people’s lives.  citizenAID helps the general public to stay safe and improvise effective treatment before emergency services are available to provide professional medical support.

How can citizenAID help you ?

citizenAID is a simple system comprising of an award winning free App, online familiarisation videos, a Pocket Guide, and educational material for both adults and children.  citizenAID has a network of volunteers across the country who share the charity’s teaching material.  There are also ambassadors who support our charitable aims and provide a geographical focus to lead the public preparation effort.

​Click Here if you wish to join the citizenAID group


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First Response Emergency Care (FREC)

First Response Emergency Care (FREC)






RTC Medical Solutions Ltd offers CQC Registered Ambulance Services and Events Medical Cover nationwide.

As a CQC registered provider we constantly strive to provide an excellent level of care in the pre-hospital setting.  Where better to improve care than at the core with initial training.  Some providers have a sole aim of profit, RTC is different, we are aiming to provide our lerners with knowledge, experience and the confidence to fulfill their role as a pre-hospital care provider.

Our courses are structured to ensure that you get everything you can for as little as possible.  Our First Response Emergency Care Course (FREC) levels 3 & 4  provides learners with the confidence and knowledge to deal with a vast range of pre-hospital emergencies.  This includes but not limited to: Traumatic Injuries, airway management and catastophic bleeding.

The qualification meets the requirements for anyone looking for a career in the event medical sector.  It also is suitable as an enhanced alternative to the HSE First Aid at Work qualification in higher risk working environments.

The qualification is approved by Qualsafe Awards and runs over 5 days, this can be over sucessive days or in blocks.  The entry Level 3 Certificate meets the FPHC criteria for descriptor ‘D’ provider on the PHEM Skills Framework.

So, what included in the course:
  1. Responding to life threatening medical conditions
  2. Adult, Child and Infant Basic Life Support (BLS) and Automated External Defibrillation (AED)
  3. Emergency oxygen administration including use of Bag Valve Mask (BVM)
  4. Internal and external bleeding
  5. Airway management including OPA, NPA and suction
  6. Traumatic injuries and catastrophic bleeding
  7. Hypovolemic shock and coagulopathy
  8. Poisoning and intoxicating substances
  9. Assessment and treatment of burns and scalds
  10. Circulatory and respiratory systems
  11. Burns and scalds
  12. Neck, spine and pelvic immobilisation
  13. Helmet removal
  14. Environmental exposure
  15. Patient assessments
  16. Incident reporting

How do I book a course?

Simply complete the form on out Contact Us page or call us on 01782 776110

Events Medical Cover – What you need to know!

Event Medical Cover

RTC Medical Solutions Ltd offers CQC Registered Ambulance Services and Events Medical Cover nationwide.

Did you know that only a CQC registered ambulance provider can legally provide both Blue Light Ambulances and Healthcare Professionals (such as Paramedics and Nurses) to events in England?

Providers offering these services who are not registered with the CQC could be using loopholes or blurring the lines to avoid registering. The Health and Safety Executives opinion is that it is an Event Planners responsibility to ensure that they employ a competent medical provider?

Let’s throw an example out there… You are running an event with 4000 people and your risk assessment says you need a Paramedic or Nurse led cover with Emergency Ambulance and 4 First Aiders. You ring around a few companies for Events Medical Cover and bingo… you find a company who will provide you with just that. So you’re all covered right? Wrong!

Did you check that:

  • Ambulances are CQC registered (England only) & insured as some providers ambulances are not registered?
  • Can they provide evidence of insurances?
  • Do they have contingencies, policies and procedures to ensure your events medical support will run safely?
  • First Aiders are trained in safeguarding and manual handling?
  • Medical equipment is serviced and calibrated?

These are just a few of the due diligence checks you should perform to ensure that your medical support is adequate. As the event organiser you are responsible for ensuring that the medical support you contract is competent.

Always ask yourself ‘should the worst happen did I do enough to select a competent medical provider?’

RTC Medical Solutions is different, we are owned and managed by Healthcare Professionals and Health and Safety Officers.  We also guarantee your medical cover as our services and medical teams are:

  • Registered with the CQC to NHS standards
  • Up-to-date with NHS standard mandatory training packages
  • Fully insured
  • Overseen by our Health and Safety Officer and Healthcare Professionals.

Don’t take the risk, after all the book stops with you as the event planner!

Let us take the stress away from your Event Medical Cover… we will work along side the Ambulance Service, SAG and provide adequate cover with guidance from the Purple Guide to ensure visitors to your event receive the best possible care.

Whether your event is a small fete or concert or major music festival we can help with your Events Medical Cover.  Contact us now for more information on the services we can offer.

Click here for our online contact form.

01782 776110

Are you ready for a drop or two of snow? We are…

Although RTC Medical Solutions Ltd is committed to providing excellent care and support to our event medical cover and ambulance services, we also aim to improve our ability to offer a top class service no matter the weather.  We will soon be adding the latest 4×4 rescue and response vehicle to our fleet, a fully equipped Landrover Defender.  This vehicle will be available for event medical cover, NHS support and rural rescue.

CQC registered for ambulance transport

Ambulance Services - Event Medical Cover

Free Support to the NHS throughout ‘Beast from the east’

With our commitment to patient care we have put 2 of our 4×4 response vehicles on standby to assist with NHS transport and travel pressures.  We have offered this service to ensure both patients and staff are able to get to and from hospitals.  Fingers crossed the cold spell won’t last much longer. Stay warm out there…!



I just wanted to say a huge thanks to James and the team for providing an amazing service for us last year. We will 100% be using you chaps next year.

J HammersleyEvent Cover 2017

What can I say? If Carling made Paramedics… See you again in 2018 and thank you for a top service.

R FranksMotocross Finals

After being let down by ** **** we were desperate for medical cover at our event. I was lucky enough to stumble across RTC Medical Solutions. WOW, just WOW! What a team!! Great service, great attitude, smart, punctual, friendly and experienced. Can’t express how impressed we are by their professionalism. Thanks for providing an exceptional service.

P LuiNational Football Championship

‘ We would not consider engaging any other team to look after our 100+ kids at our kart race events across the UK,
professional, compassionate, caring, faultlessly reliable and cost effective too’

Graham SimeNatska Director

James Shemmeld at RTC Medical Solutions is an asset to our club for his professionalism and high standards in his specialist area of work, all of which came to the fore when dealing with one of our runners who I can say is now fully recovered.

H Singh

I just wanted to thank you all for helping get my dad back to the UK. You made the whole trip worry and hassle free and nothing was too much trouble. You are a credit to the ambulance service, thank you x

M WilliamsRepatriation

Your team are a credit to the event sector! After being let down last minute RTC Medical supplied us with 3 crewed emergency ambulances for our event. We can’t thank you enough

Simon JohnsAwesome!!!

The team at RTC went that extra 1000 miles. My son was injured in Benidorm and unable to travel by air. James and the team really pulled the rabbit out of the hat for us with an ambulance journey non-stop home. Not only was the journey smooth and trouble free, they also provided a DVD player, food and drinks for the entire journey. Thank you so much for everything, we will never forget everything you did for us.

Mrs B

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the medical team who repatriated me back to the UK after a jet ski accident. Your service was top notch. Thank you so so much.

Thomas WRepatritaion