Merry Christmas from the team

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year.

Festival Medical Cover 2020

Festival Medical Cover 2020 from RTC Medical Solutions
Festival Medical Cover






We’re counting down to the Gloworm 2020 Festival, are you? If not, why not??

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Schools First Aid Training

Schools First Aid Training

Could your child be a lifesaver with RTC Schools First Aid Training?

Schools First Aid Training

RTC-Training Solutions First Aid Training

Did you know that 30,000 people have a cardiac arrest every year and fewer than one in seven survive?  Furthermore, lack of knowledge means paramedics often arrive too late to help, but what if children were taught life saving First Aid Training skills?

RTC Medical Solutions are now aiming to train children as young as 10 years old CPR skills in primary school.  Teaching children CPR at a young age builds their confidence and gives them real life skills that they can use in the event of a cardiac arrest and improve survival rates.

Cardiac arrests occur when the heart suddenly stops pumping blood around the body.  If blood is pumped around the body during CPR, the outcome for the patient can improved following early defibrillation.  RTC Medical Solutions now offers First Aid training to primary and high schools at extremely competitive prices.

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Are you ready for a drop or two of snow? We are…

Although RTC Medical Solutions Ltd is committed to providing excellent care and support to our event medical cover and ambulance services, we also aim to improve our ability to offer a top class service no matter the weather.  We will soon be adding the latest 4×4 rescue and response vehicle to our fleet, a fully equipped Landrover Defender.  This vehicle will be available for event medical cover, NHS support and rural rescue.

CQC registered for ambulance transport

Ambulance Services - Event Medical Cover

A125 visits the Queen Mary 2 – Repatriation

A125 visits the Queen Mary 2 – Repatriation

We have seen some amazing sites across the UK and Europe with Event Medical Cover and Repatriation services.  However, this has to be one of the most amazing journeys we have had and probably best backdrop pictures yet.  Although A125 is one of our bigger A&E ambulances, it was dwarfed by the amazing Queen Mary 2.


Our aim is to provide an excellent level of care.  We also aim to ensure that your time with us is as pleasant as possible.  RTC Medical Solutions help hundreds of people every year get the care and transport they need to and from places of care.

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Ambulance Repatriation Satisfaction Rate 100% Satisfaction

Ambulance Repatriation Satisfaction Rate 100%.

Ambulance Repatriation Satisfaction Rate 100%















How do you improve on Ambulance Repatriation Satisfaction Rate of 100%? We have decided to invest in a new ambulance completely dedicated to International Ambulance Repatriation. The ambulance pictured above has served the repatriations well but next month we will see the next generation of Emergency Ambulance join the RTC fleet.

We are investing in a new state of the art Mercedes Sprinter which is especially designed for patient transfers.  This new vehicle will boast a smooth V6 engine with an automatic gearbox and air suspension, and it doesn’t end with a smooth ride, this vehicle will be equipped with DVD and games console to help make those long journeys feel a little shorter.

Patient safety, comfort and satisfaction is and always will be our top priority.  We always strive to improve our service to our service users and we hope this new vehicle will help us maintain our impeccable record.