Nightclub Medical Cover

Night Club Medical Cover

Nightclub Medical Staff

RTC Medical Solutions is a leading provider of nightclub medical teams across the UK.  Our medical teams receive additional training from Paramedics  to provide them with the specialist knowledge and skills required to deal with the many drink and drug related incidents in the nightclub setting.  Training includes and is not limited to:

  • Traumatic emergencies
  • Medical emergencies
  • Basic Life Support and AED
  • Oxygen administration
  • Multiple casualty assessment and triage.

As a Manager or Owner of a bar or night club do you want your security staff tied up dealing with medical emergencies, or the emergency services disrupting your customers evening?  If the answer is NO then RTC Medical Solutions is your answer by providing on site emergency medical cover to your customers and staff.  Not only does this show commitment to customer welfare and safety which could improve your business reputation, it also relieves the pressure on already stretched emergency departments and ambulance services, not to mention on your own security and bar staff.

Whether a full day or just a couple of hours RTC Medical has the Solution.  Our team of dedicated nightclub medical staff are experienced, dependable, approachable and Smart.  All team members have uniform, ID, up-to-date serviced medical equipment and fully insured to required to carry out their job professionally.

What is a Nightclub Medic?

An RTC Nightclub Medic is the difference between a First Aider and an Ambulance attendant.  They provide medical support to nightclubs by treating minor injuries onsite and ensuring that ambulances are used only when necessary.  Nightclub medics receive addition training to recognise, assess and monitor patients who may have either consumed too much alcohol or taken illicit substances.  They can therefore treat more appropriately on-site,  reducing the number of 999 ambulance calls and number of unnecessary hospital admissions.  Furthermore, they can provide more adequate treatment whilst awaiting the arrival of an ambulance for life threatening emergencies by quickly recognising the onset of a medical emergency.

What are the benefits?

  • Highly trained on-site professionals, providing the highest levels of care to your customers and staff
  • Reduction in 999 calls to the Ambulance Service
  • Reduction in licencing issues due to the presence Medical Staff
  • Reassurance that professional care is at hand to Staff and Customers
  • Independent Medical Provider
  • Multidisciplinary team working together to ensure we meet all of your requirements
  • A dedicated point of contact and on call Paramedic 24/7
  • Ambulance cover available

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